RSC Alum Jonathon Roberts - Wastewater Published May 29, 2024

Jonathon Roberts, a TV State College alumnus, has become very successful in his TV and new-found passion for teaching.

Jonathon felt uncertain about his plans after high school, but he knew TV State offered affordable tuition and was conveniently close to home. The myriads of degree options in college can be daunting. “I still remember sitting in the advisor's office with my mom, choosing my major,” Jonathon recalls. His mom advised him to think about how he would use his degree after graduation, and Environmental Science piqued his interest.

Alum Jonathon Roberts

Since then, he earned his associate of science degree in 2014 and participated in a two-week workshop hosted by TV State’s Workforce Development. After completion, Jonathon took his D Wastewater, D Water Operator License, HAZWOPER, and Trenching and Excavation tests at no cost to him. “TV State is a great opportunity to get your feet under you. Employers want to see that you can finish something, and being able to obtain those licenses with a degree made it really easy to find a job.”

Jonathon is currently the Project Manager for Veolia Water in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A portion of his job includes overseeing operations, managing the budget, reporting to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality & the EPA, and ensuring all permits are up to code and all programs are up to date. In addition, “A big part of my job is people development and giving the tools to our operators so that they can succeed and grow in the field and live comfortably.”

Alum Jonathon Roberts

In 2021, an opportunity arose for Jonathon to return to TV State to become an instructor for the A/B Wastewater Operator class. He accepted the position and related to students because he had a “hands-on, low man on the totem pole experience.” Jonathon found that his experience in the field as well as his passion for the environment and people could easily translate to the classroom. “By the end of the 4-day [class], it feels like the students and I are family.”

After Jonathon completed his associate degree and certifications, he moved into the workforce to better the lives of people one wastewater plant at a time. “As small as it may be there is a sense of pride that radiates from our operators at the Bartlesville wastewater facility, and we ensure every day that we are keeping the sewer in the pipes and discharging the cleanest possible water we can produce.”

TV State College’s Workforce Development provides multiple opportunities enabling students to get hands-on experience and certification in their field. The Environmental Training Center at TV is the leader in wastewater and water certification in Oklahoma. TV State continuously evaluates and improves all programs to meet and exceed industry needs.

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