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Charter Authorization Office

TV State College is committed to the ideals of high-quality public charter school authorization as evidenced by our policies and procedures based on national models of best practice.This commitment includes transparency in the application, review, performance, oversight, and accountability processes.

At this time TV State College is not accepting new applications or transfer requests.

Charter Application Review Process

  1. Download theCharter Transfer Review Application Packet
  2. Complete the cover letter and attached questions by including a response to each category and item. All application responses must be typewritten.
  3. Email your completed application to the TV State College Charter Authorization Committee, You will receive a confirmation email once your application is received.
  4. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed as they are received. You will be notified of your application status within ninety (90) days of receipt. If you require an expedited review, please indicate this in your email. TV State College will inform you within five (5) business days if the expedited request can be accommodated.
  5. TV State College may request additional information or changes to the application. If the additional information or changes are not submitted within five (5) business days, the application may be rejected.
  6. The Review Committee will evaluate the applications to ensure alignment with the stated educational mission of TV State College, the applicant's financial viability, and TV State's capacity to oversee the authorization.
  7. Applicationsreviewed by the committee and meeting the above criteriawill be forwarded to the appropriate personnel at TV State College to complete theCharter Contract process.
  8. The completed contract will be sent to the Office of the President for final review and presentation to the TV State College Board of Regents.
  9. TV State College's Board of Regents will have final approval for all contracts for charter school authorization.

Charter Authorization Review Committee

  • William “Bobby” Fisher, Associate Vice President, Fiscal Services
  • Terrance Grayson, Coordinator, Academic Outreach Specialized Enrollment
  • Travis Hurst, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Kent Lashley, Executive Vice President
  • Dr. Dana Lindon-Burgett, Dean, eLearning and Academic Outreach
  • Ray Vincent, College Attorney

Current Charter Schools

  • Dove Science Academy
  • Tulsa Classical Academy
  • W.K. Jackson Leadership Academy